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About Us

FLUID Magazine is Central Florida’s première publication dedicated to celebrating our culture and lifestyle. From fashion to art, entertainment to events, action sports to culture, FLUID Magazine covers everything our community needs to know through high profile interviews, mind-blowing photography, and in depth editorial coverage. The only publication of its kind in our area, FLUID Magazine focuses on the positive influences that entertainment, action sports, music, art, and fashion has on our community. Unlike any other magazine of its kind in Central Florida, we will reach all target markets through wide distribution channels. Not only will we focus on our local lifestyles, but from our staff’s extensive background as retailers, we know how much business is captured from tourism. Our free full color publication can be found all over Central Florida at colleges, key retailers, high traffic areas, hotels, and area restaurants. Our mission is to showcase the amazing talent, culture, and lifestyles of Central Florida. From our enticing profiles, in depth community coverage, fashion tips, and amazing photography staff, FLUID readers will be positively influenced by our topics covered and trending advertisers. Essentially making FLUID Magazine the most effective marketing tool for brand connectivity with consumers in our area.


Bryan Forand​ 386-679-2399

staff photographer

aj neste​

Photo Editor

photo assistant

corey charters​

art director

lance drake

make-up artist

reanna hardock​

jack of all trades

tim truelove​

executive sales marketing

travis ajay


  • terry claudio
  • jaymi schulz
  • jammer
  • kevin kelly
  • anthony dougan
  • patrick “tupat” eichstaedt
  • gordan lawson
  • ryan murray
  • mande kennedy
  • pat preston
  • adam forand
  • frankie senese
  • egan bates
  • chas braziel​


  • bryan forand
  • jaymi schulz
  • travis ajay
  • pat preston
  • nelly
  • patrick “tupat” eichstaedt
  • reanna hardock
  • ryan murray
  • brad miller
  • katie sawicki
  • beaver massefeller

contributing designers

  • jeff lastinger
  • mylan davich
  • kevin “duck” meinberg​

contributing photographers

  • patrick “tupat” eichstaedt
  • kris kerr
  • tim truelove
  • jason lee
  • collin harrington
  • randal preston
  • ducer
  • jimmy wilson
  • tom carey
  • nate
  • adams.esm
  • ryan miller
  • rachel tanner
  • stafford
  • hansel reid
  • kendi sullinger
  • mark dickinson
  • aj neste
  • josh letchworth